In recent years entrepreneurs and contractors have realized that in order to increase the efficiency of their work and to better control costs, it is essential to use integrated information systems.

Building Information Modeling (BIM) solutions facilitate the establishment of a constructive 3D model of the designed structure for all disciplines including construction, architecture, air conditioning, electricity, plumbing, etc. Through integration of all disciplines into a single model, it is possible to manage the entire construction project during the design as well as the implementation stages, while ensuring constant follow-up and control.
The three-dimensional model links each element with all its elementary components so that at all times we are able to produce detailed quantity calculation reports according to the project stage, to ensure precise budgetary control.
Our professional team creates the three-dimensional model, follows-up on design changes, proposes methods for minimizing construction costs, conducts quantity calculations and three-dimensional sections, and carries out budgetary and schedule control, while fully cooperating with the Project Manager and the design team throughout the process.