The purpose of Clearing & Development projects is to renovate and improve old buildings with an aim to achieve qualitative and visual improvement of the building and its surroundings.

During the project existing residents are moved to alternative housing while the old buildings are demolished and new buildings are constructed in their place, with new and improved infrastructures which meet earthquake standards and current protection requirements.

Perfect Engineering assists residents towards upgrading their quality of life and coordinates between them and the professional teams. Our firm promotes changes to the area's urban planning schemes and performs all regulatory requirements towards gaining recognition as a "clearing & development area". This is done while fully addressing the requirements of the local authority, the regulations, the residents and the environment. Perfect Engineering accompanies the residents through the entire process, from obtaining the district committee's approval and issuance of building permits to receiving the "green light" for the contractor to commence works.

The Yanush Korchak compound project is a prestigious residential project to be constructed similarly to the nearby "Ir Yamim" project in the city of Netanya.

At the end of the process instead of 160 apartments in 10 old buildings there will be approx 700 apartments in 6 high rise towers. The compound will also include public buildings and the entire area will enjoy a new, modern look with green areas and sidewalks.